Integrated Warehousing Application

Streamline your warehouse operations for all sales channels by leveraging the use of handhelds and scanners with Connected Warehouse

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Works on the iPod Touch

The Connected Warehouse application runs on iPod Touch, reducing your costs on warehouse peripherals than specialized warehouse handhelds.

Full Warehousing Capabilities

Connected Warehouse is complete with most features for your warehouse operations including item picking, packing and shipment label printing, receiving, stocking, transfers, adjustments, and physical.

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Use Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Connected Warehouse works perfectly with bluetooth barcode scanners, greatly reducing warehouse errors.



Easier Warehouse Processing

Our complete warehouse application eliminates paperwork and reduces the chances of an order being "lost" or "forgotten".



Superb Warehouse Operational Efficiency

  • Faster, more accurate and effective picking of orders
  • Keeps your inventory consistent and reduces warehouse errors
  • Rapid packing and shipping process