Accurate Reporting for Smarter Decisions

Access real-time data and reports from all of your sales channels, back office operations, and other business processes on the fly.

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Accurate Report Writing Made Easy

Connected Business is equipped with a powerful report designer tool that allows you to create any report you need, financial or demographic, supporting virtually every report requirement on all industry levels in a few easy steps.

Comprehensive Report Designer

Editing and customizing existing reports are effortless. Fields can be dragged and dropped onto the report from the field explorer window and tables can be added to the report for automatic alignment. Barcodes can easily be added to any report and rich text support allows the addition of formatted text to reports for a professional appearance.

Beautiful Reports That Show Your Business’ Growth

Use any of the hundreds of available report templates or create your own. You can tweak the appearance of your reports, input a behavior script that runs whenever you toggle it to, set data tags and physical layouts rules with ease.

Set page settings, identify data fields to be included in your reports, select background colors, place watermarks, export reports to different file formats, email, fax or print at your convenience. You can even include auto-generated charts and graphs for added visuals. Viewing your business’ growth has never been this beautiful.

Blazing Fast Report Search Engine

The Connected Business Report Center allows you to save time searching for a report. Our search form has the capability to pull up over 5,000 records in 5 seconds. This allows managers to quickly view the reports they need whenever they need it.

Bind To Form Feature

The Report Center saves you the time from browsing hundreds of reports just to print associated documents. The Bind to Form feature lets you bind your reports to transaction forms in the back office application. So whenever you want to print your sales order or invoice reports, all other associated reports such as order packing note and order acknowledgement reports are batched for print as well.