Ready your retail business for the Omnichannel customer.

Streamline your retail business by engaging your customers from all channels, and improve your
profitability with Connected Business' fully-integrated omnichannel business solution.


Powerful Point-of-Sale Solution

Connected Business Point-of-Sale is designed to handle almost any retail business needs. Take orders from your desktop POS counter, or take the sale to the customer by using the iPad POS application. Use bluetooth barcode scanners, cash registers, receipt printers, credit card readers and more.

Our POS solution is fully-integrated with the rest of your business operations. Once you check in a sale from your POS, your stock levels, financial and order information are immediately updated. No more tedious cross checking and manual input of information into your system, and no more lengthy syncing of data from your POS to another incongruent software. .

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Inventory Module

With Connected Business Inventory, your stock levels are always accurate, even when taking orders from different sales channels. Our inventory solution is fully-integrated with the rest of your business, so your stocks are always updated even as soon as you make a sale. You can automatically allocate stock quantities for item orders from any sales channel, and reserve items from incoming purchase orders for ordered items that are not currently in-stock.

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Accounting Module

Have up-to-the-second financial accuracy and enjoy the benefits of automation with our Accounting module. Connected Business Accounting module updates your financial statements in real-time, even as soon as you make a sale, and automates lengthy processes such as posting to accounting journals, reconciling bank transactions with records, period-end processes and more.

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Customer Information Management

Handling all your customer information from all your sales channels can be tedious, which is why Connected Business designed the Customer module to be your centralized location for all your customer data. Know the ins and outs of your customers' shopping frequency, see visualized buying trends and tailor-fit the buying journey for your customers.

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CRM Module

The Connected Business CRM module lets you create and coordinate sales and marketing campaigns for your leads, prospects and customers. We have optimized the lead conversion to customers for you; it is a step-by-step process and the system is designed so you can track each step of the conversion process. Inside the module are analysis tools you can use to create better lead generation and customer conversion efforts. .

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