Efficient Customer Management

All your customer data are in one place with Connected Business. Our customer management tools bring in all your customer information from all your sales channels, connecting them to your back office applications so you can analise buying trends and customer behavior. Get an edge over your competitors with Connected Business.

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A Better View of Your Customers

Connected Business helps you track customer activity and allocate resources based on demand. All your customer data are integrated within one system, so all the customer data you need are available at your disposal. It's precise, streamlined and reliable.

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Reward Your Customers with Loyalty Programs

Reward your loyal customers with loyalty points that can be applied to your different sales channels. Set your very own loyalty program that entitles your customers to either a discount on purchases or an allotment of points that can be used for future purchases. Your customers can use their loyalty points on your retail stores using by checking out items via the point-of-sale and the in-store kiosks, web stores and back office application for phone orders. Your financial data is automatically updated whenever loyalty points are used. Rewarding your customers has never been this easy.

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Painless Merchandise Returns

The Return Merchandise Authorization feature helps you maintain your company's reputation by processing customer returns efficiently. Manage returns based on previous orders or items and convert RMAs to credit memos and restock, replace or dispose returned items with ease.

Risk-Free Credit Management

Manage and eliminate credit risks with Connected Business' Integrated Credit Management with cash flow management tools.

Understand Your Customers

Get a better view of your business by keeping track of all your transactions. Connected Business gives you full functionality to having real-time customer data, so you can devise better business plans from accurate data.

Monitor Transactions

The Customer module keeps all transactions in one place. Have all the information you need on demand.

Identify Trends

Keep track of customer buying trends or new and recurring customer buying behavior, and create well-targeted marketing plans for increased efficiency.

Real-Time Customer Data

Connected Business keeps your customer data fresh. Real-time data is what Connected Business is all about.